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The Veterans of Foreign Wars is a national organization with a mission to advocate for veterans on the national level. At the local and state level are chartered Posts, such as ours.


Our post was chartered in 1925 and was given the name "Stoehr-Glidden" in honor of its founding members. Since then, it's members have comprised of veterans that served in every major conflict since World War II. 


We're a little different than your average VFW Post. A few years ago, we decided to sell our post building and instead, focus all of our efforts on helping veterans and making a larger impact on our community. 

Our family's and our community is very important to us. Our members are known throughout the community for the volunteering they do even outside the post. From the neighborhood watch program to working to provide meals for school kids, you can find our members making an impact in our city.


The Post Auxiliary is comprised of family members of post members and other veterans with qualifying overseas service. They are a vibrant part of our organization and they help make much of what we do possible. 

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